Odell Beckham Actually Made An Incredibly Poignant Point About The Hypocrisy Of The American Legal System

odell beckham jr not requesting trade

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I’ve been dunking on Odell Beckham Jr. for years.

I’m a closet Giants fan (which means I’m a Jets fan that secretly also roots for the Giants) and I’ve been on this dude’s case ever since he was wearing Joker-themed gloves and carrying out sideline soap operas with kicking nets. As far as I’m concerned, this is who Odell Beckham Jr is: he’s a remarkably talented albeit ultimately underwhelming wide receiver: his priorities begin and end with what’s best for Odell.

But just because Odell Beckham may not be capable of putting aside his ego for the greater good of the collective does not mean that he’s incapable of making insightful points, such as his latest tweet in regard to the hypocrisy of American law.

After Myles Garrett tweeted a clip from The Last Dance of Dennis Rodman smacking Karl Malone’s ass after a tough foul with the caption “How @obj thought spanking the cop was gonna go”, Odell replied by pointing out how ridiculous it is that he’s the one who got charged with assault, while Garrett — who famously swung his helmet like a club at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph — got off scot-free.

Credit where it’s due: Odell kind of nailed this one. Sure, Odell stupidly elected to slap the ass of an active duty police officer (which, to be clear, is a wildly dumb and indefensible move), but when compared to what Garrett did — wield a blunt object in an effort to smash someone in the fact — it was no more than a love tap.


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