The Official NFL Kickoff Drinking Game: Baltimore Ravens vs. Denver Broncos

One drink for each:

  • Reminder it’s the first game of the year
  • Mention of Peyton Manning’s name
  • Mention of Joe Flacco’s name
  • Commercial break

Two drinks for each:

  • Piece of effusive craze for either quarterback
  • Replay of Jacoby Jones’ playoff touchdown
  • Beer commercial
  • Breakdown of Baltimore’s offseason moves
  • Wes Welker reception

Three drinks for each:

  • Run of 20-plus yards
  • Pass play of 30-plus yards
  • Shot of John Elway
  • Touchdown
  • Turnover
  • Field goal

Four drinks for each:

  • Shot of John Elway spitting tobacco
  • Shoehorned Tim Tebow reference
  • Ray Lewis fluff piece

Chug your beer for each:

  • Safety
  • Time one team opens up a 10-point lead
  • Onside kick
  • Moralizing Bob Costas diatribe
  • Time you notice Al Michaels’ lazy eye