Former Ohio State Football Player’s Massive Wingspan Measurement Revealed Ahead Of NFL Draft Season

Former Ohio State lineman Dawand Jones

Getty Image / Michael Wade

With just one more game left in the NFL postseason, draft season is quickly approaching.

With that, we are sure to see plenty of crazy player measurements and athletic feats over the next few months.

Today, we got the first of those wild measurements.

The Draft Network’s Ryan Fowler revealed that former Ohio State offensive tackle Dawand Jones has a verified wingspan of 89.5″.

At 6’8″ and 359 pounds, Jones is a massive lineman, so this wingspan measurement isn’t too much of a stretch.

The Buckeyes are expected to have plenty of representation in this year’s draft. That includes a pair of offensive linemen who are currently being projected for the 1st round of the draft.

While Jones isn’t expected to join Paris Johnson and Luke Wyler in round 1, measurements like this should help bring his draft stock up and will surely entice a team to take a chance on him as a day 3 pick.

It should come as no surprise that Ohio State’s offensive line is getting plenty of attention nat the next level.

Their line was very impressive this season, allowing just 7 sacks over the entirety of the team’s Big 10 schedule. They also only allowed 2 sacks between their 3 non-conference opponents before they ran into a Georgia defense that racked up 4 sacks against them in the College Football Playoff.

That line also helped the Buckeyes run for 192.4 yards per game and 5.4 yards per carry.

With his impressive size and wingspan already getting attention, Dawand Jones could be an early riser up draft boards if he can put together an impressive performance at the NFL Combine or at Ohio State’s Pro Day ahead of the draft.