Let’s All Take a Deep Breath and Look at This Ancient Nebraska Cornhuskers Mascot


Many of you whippersnappers don’t remember a time when college athletics wasn’t a billion-dollar industry. But before the BCS and no-huddle offenses, a different college football landscape existed — one where hilariously primitive mascots like this roamed.


Sweet creamed corn! That’s a horrifying image. It’s hard to believe there was a breathing human being in there.

How unappetizing are some of those kernels? They look like tobacco-stained teeth.

And that prison style onesie. What, exactly, was the budget for this outfit? Zero dollars? Less?

Despite the pure ridiculousness of this look, I think I speak for many of us when I say Nebraska needs to bring this back STAT.

If nothing else, it would attract recruits who appreciate irony.

[H/T: Eric Stangel]