Ole Miss Student Broke His Jaw After, Allegedly, Being Sucker Punched By Punk Ass Bama Fan


I know that sports fans are SUPER passionate about winning and losing, but we’ve seen so many instances of dumbasses fighting over sports that it’s actually making it a drag to root for an opposing team in public.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened following the Ole Miss-Alabama game last weekend following the Rebels’ upset victory over the Tide in Tuscaloosa, when, according to witnesses, a 22-year-old Ole Miss student named Ryan Moore was sucker punched by an unknown Bama fan for screaming, “Hotty Toddy” through the streets of Tuscaloosa.

The punch was so vicious that it broke Moore’s jaw in two places, causing the kid to remain in the hospital for additional surgeries since last Saturday’s game.

According to the report on HottyToddy.com, here are additional details:

“Ryan was walking to his car with a group of friends in downtown Tuscaloosa 30 minutes after the game. They were celebrating the win shouting “Hotty Toddy” and (allegedly) an irate Alabama fan blindsided Ryan (who didn’t see the punch coming) between Salon 5 and Pizza Hut.”

If that’s seriously how it went down, what a punk move by the Bama fan.

Unfortunately, the report continues by saying that the Crimson Tide fan got away without anyone getting much of a look at the suspect, making it difficult to track him/her down, per HottyToddy.com:

“The Alabama fan is described as a white male with salt and pepper hair, weighing about 220 pounds, with an athletic build. He was wearing a dark-colored Alabama shirt and jeans and was walking with a woman and two little girls. After Moore was punched, the Alabama fan disappeared.”

Ryan Moore was on schedule to graduate this December, but, following the unfortunate punch and subsequent time away from school following surgery and recovery, he may be delayed.

Moore’s family and friends are hoping that someone caught the whole thing on camera, helping lead cops to figure out who the attacker is.

Get back to it, Ryan, and just remember, bros, it’s just a game.

[H/T HottyToddy.com]

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