Olivia Dunne Says She Wants A ‘Big Boy’ While Dancing Around In A Red Dress In New TikTok Video

Olivia Dunne posing for cameras

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Insanely popular 20-year-old college gymnast Olivia Dunne is once again going viral on social media.

Dune, who is currently one of the highest-paid NIL athletes in college sports, has 6.5 million followers on TikTok while consistently putting out fire content.

In her most recent TikTok video, Dunne sang the “I need a big boy” song while dancing around in a tight red dress with the caption:

“I’m kidding… unless

Livvy Dunne’s previous TikTok video, which also went viral, was captioned “Rate the rizz,”

The video has the words “after he tells me I was in his dream” superimposed over Dunne while she lip-syncs the words “y’all could say I got… W rizz.”

It’s safe to say Olivia Dunne is good at this whole TikTok thing; it’s no wonder she makes so much money from her NIL deals.

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