LSU’s Olivia Dunne Grades Her Own Different Looks In New Viral TikTok

Olivia Dunne

John Korduner/Getty Image

Move over fashion critics, Olivia Dunne is here to give her own sassy and hilarious reviews of her LSU gymnastics outfits.

With a following of over 10 million fans, Olivia Dunne is the queen of social media, and she’s not afraid to spill the tea on her own style evolution.

In a TikTok video that went viral, Olivia took us on a journey through her gymnastics wardrobe, accompanied by the caption: “Last one goes hard>>>.”

Well, Olivia, it is confirmed that your fashion game definitely goes harder than some of ours.

But wait, there’s more – Olivia recently participated in the “I’m Thirsty” challenge, which consisted of her lying on the ground in a bikini while a friend poured water on her. I mean, who needs a glass when you have Olivia Dunne serving up thirst-quenching content like this? Hydration has never been so entertaining.

Olivia also teased her fans with behind-the-scenes glimpses of her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot. Let’s just say fans weren’t just thirsty for water after that sneak peek!

And who could forget the moment when Olivia showed off her incredible flexibility in tight gym gear during an LSU gymnastics workout? Let’s be honest; we all tried those moves at home and ended up in a pretzel shape.

Last but not least, Olivia’s black mini skirt went viral on the way to Times Square in Manhattan. Move over, Spider-Man; Olivia Dunne’s skirt is the new superhero in town. It’s so iconic that it should have its own Instagram account by now.

In conclusion, Olivia Dunne is not just a gymnastics star; she’s a social media sensation, a fashion icon, and the queen of viral TikToks.