Opposing Minor League Baseball Coaches Took Turns Throwing Stuff At The Umps And Being Ejected

I really only consider a sporting event worth watching if the opposing coaches have no interest in letting the other coach best them. And I’m talking about on any level. If Coach A is content to let Coach B outmatch him on any playing field, I’m going home and making homeless people fight for an opportunity to sleep on my kitchen floor. At least I know that I’ll be getting 100% effort from them.

So, yes, I’m very content with the fact that these two minor league baseball coaches decided to one-up each other in the ‘throwing shit on the field’ department as well as the ‘getting ejected from the game’ department.

Honestly, I’m not even sure what these two were fighting about. Why don’t I just look it up? Because I don’t neccessarily even care. All I care about is seeing both of these guys throw shit on the field. Honestly, I think Thompson’s was better than Corredor, but the tenacity was admirable. Thompson was pulling shit out of his pockets and throwing it on the field. It could have been anything and he wouldn’t have cared. Birth certifactes, driver’s licenses, winning lottery tickets, liquor store receipts. Didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he threw shit at the feet of the umpires before they manhandled him off the field. Corredor just didn’t want to be upstaged. A chair’s a chair. Doesn’t bother him, he’s not even going to be sitting there anymore anyway. Regardless, an all-around impressive display of prowess from both men, beer-guts and all.

[h/t Fox Sports]

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