O’s Announcer Has No Clue Who Blink-182 Is, Leading Co-Host To Break Out In Song Midgame

Blink-182 performs in Englewood, CA.

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A hilarious scene broke out in Baltimore when the Orioles‘ broadcast booth broke out into a Blink-182 singalong midgame. The two co-hosts, Kevin Brown and Ben McDonald, provided viewers with A+ entertainment in what was an otherwise boring contest.

During the sixth inning of a 10-0 blowout, Brown attempted to explain to an oblivious McDonald who the band was. The former big-league pitcher had apparently never heard of the trio.

After failed attempts to list off songs, the broadcaster decided to offer his best impression of rockers. Take a listen.

“Don’t tell me you don’t know Blink-182,” the Orioles announcer said in disbelief.

“I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of them,” McDonald replied.

Brown then broke into song.

“All the Small Things,” resulted in a swing and miss, but he wouldn’t be deterred in his efforts to make the connection. He channeled his best Tom Delonge while reciting “I Miss You.”

After the distinct, “Where are you?” intro, it finally clicked.

“Now I recognize it, you sounded just like him,” McDonald said, though Brown wasn’t quite sure if he was being truthful in that assessment.

Fans were quick to respond to the hilarious interaction. Here’s what they were saying on social media.

“Oh man, that’s a fire-able offense,” one follower wrote. That could be on the table considering Brown was recently suspended for much, much less.

“That ‘Where are you?’ was on point!” someone else commented.

“He could front a Blink-182 tribute band in the offseason,” this fan said about the Orioles commentator.

The moment was easily the most entertaining of the game, which the Padres won 10-3.