Orioles’ Manny Machado Calls The Red Sox ‘Cowards And Says It’s ‘F**king Bullsh*t’ That They Threw At Him

by 11 months ago

The Red Sox and Manny Machado have been beefing ever since Machado slid into Dustin Pedroia last week.

Early in tonight’s Red Sox-Orioles game, Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale tried to send Machado a message by intentionally throwing behind Orioles third baseman.

After the game, Machado laid into the Red Sox in an epic NSFW tirade.

Fucking bullshit. Fucking bullshit coward stuff. That’s stuff that you don’t fucking do. But I’m not on that side, I’m not in that organization. They’re still thinking about that same slide that I did that was no intention on hurting anybody and I’m still paying, I’m still trying to get hit at. Getting thrown at my fucking head, getting fucking thrown at everywhere. It’s fucking bullshit. I’ve lost mad respect for that organization, for that coaching staff, for everyone over there.

Pitchers out there with fucking balls in their hands, throwing 100 mph trying to hit people. And I’ve fucking got a bat too. I could go out there and crush somebody if I wanted to. But you know what, I’d get suspended for a year and the pitcher only gets suspended for two games. That’s not cool.


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