Watching An Over-Inflated Football Explode In Slow-Mo HD (28,500 FPS) Is 100x Better Than Watching Soccer

It’s Super Bowl Week and that means we’re in for 7 long days of the weirdest tangentially related football content imaginable.

Beginning tonight, a metric shit ton of press will be on site in Houston for ‘Super Bowl Opening Day’ (because that’s a thing **insert jerkoff motion here**). The media will then have access to both the Patriots and Falcons’ staff throughout Tuesday to Thursday. We’ll seem some strange news coming out of Houston and this is a guarantee. But as we wait for that weird ass news to emerge I figure we should check in on The Slow Mo Guys.

The Slow Mo Guys just released a video in which they over-inflate both a soccer ball and a football until the balls explode. They film these balls exploding in 28,500 frames-per-second so that we get to see what it looks like when leather/rubber erupts under extreme pressure.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll likely say it again: I’m a complete sucker for anything filmed in Slow-Mo HD using a 4K camera. If there was a TV channel that showed only videos like this I’d be tuned in all day long…So, let’s make that happen. To all you TV execs out there reading this article, can you get on that and DM me whenever the channel’s set to go live? K, thanks.