Former MLB Manager Ozzie Guillen Just Challenged A NY Post Writer To A Fist Fight In Vicious Twitter Rant

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Former Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is making headlines for challenging NY Post writer Jon Heyman to a fight. Guillen says he’s tired of Heyman using him as a punching bag, and he’s ready to settle things in the ring.

All money would go to charity, which I guess makes this ok??

Guillen has been firing off angry tweets aimed at the Post writer while offering apologies to his employer, his wife, and everyone in between for the unkind words spewing from his keyboard.

He calls Heyman a “jealous man” and a “liar” who’s putting out false stories about both the White Sox and Guillen, personally.

Take a look.

Ozzie Guillen challenges Jon Heyman to a fight in vicious Twitter rant

Heyman replied, further setting Guillen into a fury.

It all culminated with Guillen asking for the charity boxing match.

The original anger seems to stem from a comment made by Guillen criticizing current Chicago manager Tony La Russa. To be fair, many have questioned his decision making this year.

But Heyman insinuated that Guillen, who works for NBC’s Chicago affiliate covering the White Sox, was doing this in an attempt to take the managerial role for himself.

Ozzie was the Sox manager from 2004 to 2011, winning a World Series title in 2005. Apparently, Heyman thinks Guillen wants the role back.

Guillen denies those claims, saying he’s supported La Russa throughout the season.

“I have always defended Tony because I love the guy in many ways. So don’t talk shit without knowing who I talk to and what I say.”

Heyman has not responded to the challenge, and I’m not sure folks would be lining up to watch two 60-year-old men throw blows in the ring.