Tony La Russa Is Racking Brains Once Again After Intentionally Walking A Batter On An 0-1 Count

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Tony La Russa is making headlines once again for his questionable midgame managerial tactics. The White Sox leader called for the intentional walk of Cleveland slugger Jose Ramirez on Tuesday afternoon.

While the move wouldn’t come as a shock in most cases, this particular incident is surprising. The Guardians had a man on second, meaning first base was open. Ramirez, a .287 hitter, was up with a man in scoring position. He’d already singled home two runs in the third inning.

But rather than just call for the intentional walk from the get-go, the White Sox threw a first pitch strike. After fouling off the first offering, Ramirez stepped back into the box only to then be given the signal to walk down to first base.

La Russa called for the intentional walk on an 0-1 count. There was seemingly no rhyme or reason behind the decision. Even Ramirez looked confused.

It’s not the first time that La Russa has pulled this move. He actually did it with two strikes earlier in the year to Trea Turner. That ended poorly as the next man up smacked a three-run homer to lead the Dodgers to an 11-9 victory.

In that instance, though, there was at least some sort of reasoning behind the move. A wild pitch on the pitch prior opened up first base, but fans were still critical of the decision as his guy was up in the count 1-2.

MLB fans are just about through with La Russa’s antics, and they’re letting it be known on social media.

Fans troll Tony La Russa for intentional walk decision

MLB fans can’t quite get their heads around the decision to walk a batter on an 0-1 count. It’s as if La Russa is trying to outsmart himself with these mid-at-bat moves.

The response on social media wasn’t kind.

Both teams’ broadcast booths were in utter disbelief.

It’s gotten to the point where he’s losing the support of the White Sox faithful.

In the end, the White Sox got out of the inning scot-free, so maybe La Russa is actually a genius. Many don’t believe this to be the case, though, and they’ve become fed up with the schtick.