Packers RB Aaron Jones Goes Full Marshawn Lynch After Running All Over The Cowboys Defense

Packers RB Aaron Jones Goes Full Marshawn Lynch In Monster TD Run

Getty Image / Stacy Revere

The Green Bay Packers are currently taking on the Dallas Cowboys and it’s been a solid back-and-forth contest. However, everyone is buzzing about Aaron Jones, as he paid homage to Marshawn Lynch on his monster touchdown run.

Packers RB Aaron Jones Goes Full Marshawn Lynch On The Cowboys

I mean, the form is just uncanny. Aaron Jones showed a perfect rendition of Marshawn Lynch’s famous “nut-grab” taunt while scoring the touchdown. It was a big play for the Packers, as Jones put Green Bay up 14-7. Even so, the Cowboys were able to answer back right before the end of the first half.

At the end of the day, it was a solid run. Aaron Jones used a burst of speed to bounce it outside where he had open daylight the rest of the way. The Cowboys had no chance to stop him. Then, the Packers running back basically dunked on them with his perfect Marshawn Lynch impression.

These are the type of things fans love to see. The NFL’s no-taunting rule is ridiculous and it’s nice to see someone like Aaron Jones not care about the rule either. Especially considering it’s a nearly perfect copy of Lynch’s famous taunt as well.

Maybe this is something we’ll start seeing from Jones from here on out. It’d be cool to watch him use famous celebrations every time he scores a touchdown. And why not? Especially with the Packers struggling this year, at least the star running back can bring some excitement to our television screens.