Packers Fans Are Losing It, Now Say Aaron Rodgers Sucks Because Of ‘The Curse Of Olivia Munn’

packers fans aaron rodgers curse olivia munn

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Olivia Munn just can’t win when it comes to Green Bay Packers fans. When she was dating their quarterback Aaron Rodgers they blamed his being bad on having too much sex with her.

Now, as their team was being rolled by the Atlanta Falcons 34 to 23 on Sunday night with their quarterback turning the ball over a couple of times, Packers fans switched gears and decided that now it was Olivia Munn’s fault that Aaron Rodgers had a bad game because she was NOT dating him.

No wonder she has felt the need to troll so hard lately.

Check out a taste of some of the hilarious chatter that was taking place on Twitter as the Packers were getting beat down by Atlanta…

On the other hand, Atlanta’s fans are apparently now also big fans of hers…

I expect to see her rocking some Falcons gear on social media very soon.

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