Packers Fans’ Reactions To Clay Matthews Leaving Was Basically The Exact Opposite Of Giants Fans With OBJ

Packers Fans Classy Reactions To Clay Matthews Leaving For The Rams

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Remember way back yesterday when we reported that Odell Beckham, Jr. was “going dark” on social media and the visceral reactions of many New York Giants fans to the news?

This coming after reports that Beckham was a “cancer” in the locker room and would be a bad fit for the Cleveland Browns – something Baker Mayfield disputed.

Yeah, well, Tuesday night another player long associated with one franchise, linebacker Clay Matthews revealed that after 10 years as a Packer he was leaving Green Bay and heading to Los Angeles after signing a new two-year deal with the Rams.

Matthews was the second beloved Packer to announce he was leaving the team this week as wide receiver Randall Cobb signed a contract to play for the Dallas Cowboys in 2019.

So, you can imagine how pissed off Packers fans might feel when Matthews dropped this image on his Twitter account. You know, like how angry GIants fans are with their team’s management about Beckham leaving.

What’s that? Packers fans were very supportive and classy about one of their football legends leaving to play for another team? You don’t say?

Wonder if the response would have been the same if he had signed with the Bears? (Of course, no Packers legend would ever do something so petty as that.)

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