Pat McAfee Completely Dogs Urban Meyer After Former OSU Head Coach Zings The Eccentric Sports Personality

Pat McAfee Rips Urban Meyer after the former coach pokes fun at the sports personality

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Pat McAfee is one of the funniest (and blunt) sports personalities on the planet, with the former NFL punter rarely holding back his opinions anytime there’s an opportunity to say something. It’s a nice little break from all the BS politically correct stuff that other analysts do, fearing they’ll get in trouble for “standing up to the man.”

And, because Pat McAfee’s definitely not one to back down from anyone, he made sure to stand up to former head coach and fellow college football analyst Urban Meyer.

For context, a couple of weeks ago, Meyer tried to burn McAfee for some off-the-field stuff that occurred during his playing days — which, most famously, included him swimming in a river drunk as a member of the Indianapolis Colts. McAfee responded in kind on Twitter, making sure he put the former coach in his place.

Fast-forward to today, and Pat McAfee got a meatball served on a platter after rumors have begun to swirl that Urban Meyer may be a candidate for several NFL head coaching jobs. Speaking on ESPN’s Get Up, the outspoken McAfee absolutely buried the suggestion that Meyer could handle the NFL, really laying into the notion that he has the chops to be successful in a league where he can’t just win, get in trouble, and then leave on his own terms. Take a look below.

The fact that Pat McAfee makes such a bold claim while wearing a bolo tie is all-time in and of itself. Does he have a point? Considering the fact that Meyer’s success in college came with many of the top-ranked players in the country — which isn’t the case in the NFL, where head coaches have to learn how to coach up undrafted guys and not just superstars — it’s hard to say McAfee isn’t wrong here.

But McAfee didn’t stop with his opinions on Get Up, because he also went on DAZN to talk about the possibility of Urban Meyer getting an NFL gig, and sort of echoed his previous comments by outlining a few reasons why it may not work. Take a look below.

Who knows if Pat McAfee is right about all this or not — or if he’s just pissed off that Urban Meyer tried to dog him a couple of weeks ago? One thing’s for sure, though, based off of the examples he talked about, like Nick Saban with the Dolphins and Steve Spurrier with the Redskins, among others, the guy does bring up a good point that statistics aren’t in Urban Meyer’s favor when it comes to succeeding in the NFL; should he get the chance to coach there.

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