Patrick Mahomes And Andy Reid Bewildered By Chris Jones’ Hold Out

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes

Getty Image / Michael Owens

After Chris Jones claimed he’s willing to hold out until Week 8, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid share their reactions to the situation.

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ defense could be in serious trouble without its star defensive tackle. And the star quarterback and head coach want Jones to return.

According to a Chiefs’ writer Nate Taylor, Mahomes seemed a little taken aback by how long Jones has held out. “I don’t think anyone expected him to be out this long. He’s a vital part of this organization.”

Meanwhile, Reid claims “there’s been no communication” between himself and Chris Jones, per Ari Meirov.

However, with the season right around the corner, Kansas City must prepare without their star defensive tackle. “If he’s not there, the game goes on, right?”

Players and coaches might be getting a little worried about not having Jones in the lineup. But as the Chiefs head coach states, the game goes on.

Maybe these comments from Mahomes and Reid hit home for Jones somehow and help change his mind. But that doesn’t seem likely after the Chiefs’ star defensive tackle seems adamant about holding out until he receives the contract he wants.

It also doesn’t help that Jones has claimed he’s willing to hold out until Week 8 of the regular season. That’s not an ideal situation for the Chiefs by any means.

And it’s safe to assume that Chris Jones will follow through on his promise, as he’s already racked up $1 million in fines for holding out.

Jones is seeking a deal with the Chiefs that would give him $30 million per year. However, the front office has not shown any indication of actually giving him that contract.

This could be a long bumpy ride for Kansas City. But considering both Mahomes and Reid are opening up about it, maybe it’s time for the Chiefs to give Chris Jones what he wants.