Patrick Mahomes’ Dad Throws Shade At Joe Burrow After Chiefs Win

Patrick Mahomes' father

Getty Image / David Eulitt

The Kansas City Chiefs found a way to win and are heading to another Super Bowl. However, it sounds like Patrick Mamohomes’ father had some words for Joe Burrow.

Considering how much trash the Cincinnati Bengals were talking it’s no wonder how vocal the Chiefs have been since beating them on Sunday night.

Well, Patrick Mahomes’ dad didn’t hold back in the slightest. While the team was celebrating the win, Mahomes’ father was given a quick interview. He was holding onto a cigar of his own and was asked about it. His response was a hilarious shot at Joe Burrow. Watch it for yourself.

I mean, how can you not love that response? The answer to that riddle is if you’re a Bengals fan. Regardless, the Chiefs are on cloud nine after they earned another Super Bowl bid. Additionally, it’s cool to see Patrick Mahomes’ father be proud of his son in another incredible moment.

Maybe next year Cincinnati can finally get over the hump. For now, the AFC belongs to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Although there were some controversial calls (and it feels like Kansas City always has the refs on their side), the team went on a great run to make another Super Bowl appearance.

We’ll see if Kansas City can win another title. They have their work cut out for them as they take on the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles. Look for Patrick Mahomes to continue playing at a superstar level. If they win another one, maybe his dad will have a dig for Jalen Hurts too.