Patrick Mahomes Rallied His Teammates With A Fiery Speech Ahead Of The Chiefs’ Game-Winning Drive Against The Lions

by 10 months ago
patrick mahomes rally speech winning drive

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Troy Aikman may think he still has some things to prove but I think most people would agree that Patrick Mahomes is, like, really good at football. Like really, really, really, ridiculously good.

The quarterback has only been in the league for three years (although he’s really only played for two seasons) but he’s already put together an incredibly impressive résumé, as he led the Chiefs to the AFC Championship last year on his way to securing MVP honors.

Kansas City is off to a 4-0 start but it looked like they were on the verge of suffering their first loss of the season on Sunday, as they trailed the Lions by three points with a little over two minutes remaining in the contest.

However, Mahomes would lead his squad 79 yards down the field and the Chiefs would seal the game with a touchdown with under 30 seconds to go.

While they may have been trailing, it would appear Mahomes was never too worried about staging a comeback, as he gave his teammates a rousing speech on the sideline as they prepared to take the field.

Here’s what he said via For The Win:

“We do not have to do anything else other than being ourselves. I truly believe that. If we just be ourselves and trust in each other, we will go down there, we can put points up, we can do what we do.

Don’t try to go out there and do everything for yourself. Believe in your teammate. Believe in each other. And when we get these opportunities, we’ll go down and find a way to win the game. Let’s do it right here. Let’s go.”

That’s the kind of guy you want leading your team.

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