The Patriots’ Jerod Mayo Is Releasing His Own Mayo

by 7 years ago

It's maybe the most synergistic brand move ever, unless Robert Griffin III opens a pet store that only sells mythological beasts.

Let me be the first to say: This is gross. Jerod's “All-Pro” Mayo. I'm not a mayonnaise-hater. In fact, I love it. I just don't think it's the kind of product that should involve off-name brands and labels. I know it's made in industrial vats and can't spoil, but still. Do you trust the quality of this?  

From the looks above, it comes in three flavors: Kickin' Buffalo (a double pun given Mayo's employer), Bruisin' Bason, and Crushin' Chipotle. 

(I think they stole that last one from white dudes fresh out of college at their first real jobs. “Brah, you wanna crush some Chipotle at lunch today.” “Yea, brah.”)

[H/T @ReddusFoximus, Via My Fox Boston]

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