Some Poor Son Of A Bitch Lost $100K On A 15-Game Parlay Because The Pats Failed To Cover By 1

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When I turned off the Patriots-Ravens game last night, I was certain that the Pats would cover. The score was something like 23-3 and there was no way the hapless Ravens could possibly recover. Well, recover they did and in doing so they fucked some poor bastard out of a sweet $100,000 payout on a 15-game parlay.

The worst part? The Pats game was a push and that made his entire card a push. He didn’t get paid out for a 14-game parlay, he just got his money back. BRUTALITY.

According to ESPN:

Because the Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens by exactly seven, 30-23, the result of the 15th game of the parlay, after the previous 14 had come through, was a push.

William Hill spokesman Michael Grodsky confirmed to ESPN that it was an all-or-nothing parlay card. As such, the push didn’t reduce it to winning a 14-leg parlay; it made the entire card worthless.

JESUS CHRIST. That. Is. Crushing. I would have been so sick to my stomach if I were him. Would have probably puked all the organs out of my body. Then, after I stuffed everything back in, I would have started a Gofundme page and asked players on the Ravens and Patriots to chip in the money I should have won since they’re the shitbags who ruined my life. Could work?

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