The New England Patriots Changed Their Twitter Avatar To Support Tom Brady



The New England Patriots are sticking by the face of the franchise and want everyone to know it. The organization’s Twitter avatar was changed to a picture of Tom Brady’s jersey earlier this morning.

There is nothing subtle about that.

It’s an understandable move by the franchise. They want to show that they stand with their fearless leader as he goes through this difficult time.

Whether it’s a good idea to brazenly support him in the face of what many believe to be nefarious deeds and smugness is another issue.

What I’m concerned about, however, is that they Patriots may have not fully thought this through. Like, they’ve put themselves in a corner now. Are they really going to keep this tribute until Brady returns in October?

There are other people on the team, you know.

Sadly, changing one’s Twitter avatar is the strongest stand for justice a person or entity can take in 2015. So you have to admire the Patriots for their bravery.

After all, evil thrives when good people do nothing.

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