Paul Finebaum Gives His Opinion On Whether Or Not Jon Gruden Could Land A College Coaching Job

paul finebaum jon gruden college coaching job

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  • Paul Finebaum gave his opinion about whether or not he sees Jon Gruden taking a college coaching job following his departure from the Raiders.
  • Finebaum made his point very clear as to what he thinks the future holds for Gruden.
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The dust surrounding the Jon Gruden situation hasn’t even really begun to settle yet, but many out there are curious about what the future may hold for the now-former head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Gruden obviously has an extremely dark grey cloud hovering over him, which may honestly never leave him, but he’s still a proven head coach. Some higher-ups in football have a very short memory, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if a year, maybe two from now Gruden is back coaching on a sideline at some level.

Paul Finebaum, who certainly knows the pulse of the college football world, was asked on ESPN radio whether or not he could see Gruden landing a job at the collegiate level. He made it very clear that, in his opinion, Gruden is legitimately un-hirable.

“In terms of college football, and I know we all think of college football as a sleazy entity — and in many ways it is,” Finebaum said. “However, I don’t think there is a single college in this country that would get near Jon Gruden He is un-hirable. Anywhere, anyplace.”

Jay Williams followed up Finebaum’s statement and asked him about the possibility of seeing Gruden back in coaching in a couple of years or so. Finebaum explained that he couldn’t imagine that sort of scenario playing out.

Gruden resigned as the head coach of Las Vegas after a string of emails were leaked in which he used homophobic and racist slurs. The 58-year-old has not coached at the collegiate level since 1991.