Paul Finebaum Puts Nebraska Football And The Cornhuskers’ Fan Base In A Body Bag

paul finebaum nebraska fanbase

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Nebraska football has been irrelevant for quite some time now having won more than nine games in a season just once since 2011. Many saw the Cornuhskers’ hiring of program legend Scott Frost as a potential turning point, but he’s only managed a 12-20 record in his three seasons at the helm.

To say this is a crucial season for Frost and the Cornhuskers would be an understatement. Expectations are always high in Lincoln as fans are craving that taste of national prominence they enjoyed in the 1990’s, but they need to curve those expectations, and in a major way, according to Paul Finebaum.

The ESPN analyst spoke on WJOX’s The Roundtable and emphatically explained why he doesn’t believe Nebraska football can get back to being what it once was. He went as far as to compare the program to old-school entertainment companies still living 10 years in the past.

“I don’t think they can (get back to what they once were). I did when (Frost) got there because, to me, he was the coach of the future,” Feinbaum said. “Sometimes you just have missed your moment. Nebraska is like a lot of these software companies or computer companies of the 90s. They just never change. Or the entertainment companies of the last 10 years that said ‘streaming? Nobody cares about that.’”

He wasn’t done there, either. Finebaum never shies away from smack-talking a team’s fanbase, so he didn’t let the opportunity to do so pass him up this time either. Finebaum said the problem with the program is the fans themselves.

“The problem with Nebraska, too, is the fan base,” Finebaum explained. “You would have heard Keith (Jackson) and Frank (Broyles) talking about how there’s nobody more loyal. That’s true. They are a loyal fan base, but they’re also a delusional fan base, guys. They still think it’s 1980. They still think it’s 1990. They still think it’s 2000. Go back and look at the first coach after Tom Osborne. They fired the guy because he was winning 10 games a year. They’ve had pockets of success since then. Every time I talk about Nebraska, I get the big-red machine coming after me. But I think you might as well say a prayer to this program and put it to bed because it’s not coming back.”

Sure, Finebaum is biased towards the SEC and sounds off every other week about non-SEC blue-blood programs that are in the dumpster right now, but you have to respect him telling it like it is. The man won’t ever shy away from trashing Nebraska or Miami FL.


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