Delusional Alabama Fan Claims Georgia Isn’t The Best Team In The Country And Gets Roasted Alive (Video)

Delusional Alabama Fan Roasted For Claiming Georgina Isn't Best Team

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  • A delusional Alabama Crimson Tide fan got roasted after trying to claim Georgia isn’t the best college football team in the country
  • Paul Finebaum did not mince words while responding to the caller’s assertion
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On Monday, the Georgia Bulldogs earned the right to hoist the national championship trophy with a victory over Alabama to bring a title back to Athens for the first time since the 1980 season (where their fans reacted accordingly).

Crimson Tide fans were understandably less than thrilled with that particular development, but it’s pretty hard to feel bad for any of them when you consider the team has secured six trophies of their own under Nick Saban’s watch since 2009.

Georgia also capped off the season as the unanimously top-ranked team in the country in the formality that is the final AP Poll of the year, but on Thursday, one impressively delusional Alabama supporter called into The Paul Finebaum Show to take issue with that while arguing why Alabama is really the best squad in college football despite losing to the best squad in college football by 13 points.

On Thursday, “Fred from Alabama” presented his argument by saying, “When you have two 1,000-yard receivers off your ball team, they didn’t beat a good team, and if anyone from Georgia thinks that they’re the #1 team, that’s horse.”

After allowing Fred to plead his case, Finebaum responded by asking if there are “family members that look after you,” and after Fred confirmed there, the host replied, “I don’t like to say what I’m about to say. but you need help if you think that.”

However, Finebaum was far from the only person to roast Fred for his truly scorching take.

Thoughts and prayers.