Paul Pierce Walks Back Prior Admission, Claims He Did Not Poop His Pants During 2008 NBA Finals

Paul Pierce 2008 NBA Finals Poop Pants Wheelchair

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  • Paul Pierce is claiming that he did not poop his pants in 2008.
  • This claim comes two years after he hinted that he needed to use the bathroom during the infamous moment.
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On June 5, 2008, Boston Celtics forward Paul Pierce had to be taken off of the court in a wheelchair. It was the third quarter of Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and he returned to the game minutes later.

Ever since that day, Pierce has been mocked for faking the injury. In fact, there are very few people who do think that Pierce was truly injured.

Not only do people not believe Pierce, but a conspiracy theory has been widely accepted as truth. The theory is that Pierce defecated his dungarees during the game and had to get helped to the locker room to change his pants.

In fact, ahead of Game 3 of the 2019 NBA Finals, Pierce even alluded to the idea that something happened where he was unable to control his bowels.

“I have a confession to make … I just had to go to the bathroom, I had to go to the bathroom … something went down, I had to go to the bathroom.”

However, two years later, Pierce has back tracked on his admission. He joined Michelle Beadle on her podcast ‘What Did I Miss’ to discuss the poopy pants.

Pierce asked why, if he had pooped his pants, he would proceed to sit down in a wheelchair and mush the poop. Fair point.

Here is the full clip:

Although Pierce does raise an interesting question, because he is right about the mushing, why would he have admitted that he just had to go to the bathroom back in 2019?

It seems like Pierce has put some thought into this. He says that he gets made fun of every day “on his internet” and “can’t believe that people really believe” that he pooped his pants.

Well, Mr. Pierce, people likely believe that you did in fact have a bowel issue in 2008 because you hinted directly at the fact that you did in 2019.

The mystery continues, I guess?