Former UFC Star Pearl Gonzalez Pink Two-Piece Outfit Goes Viral On Chicago Rooftop

Pearl Gonzalez

Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

Ex-UFC sensation Pearl Gonzalez is back in the spotlight, and this time it’s not for stepping into the octagon.

The American mixed martial artist, known for her brief but memorable stint in the UFC, has been turning heads on a whole new battleground – social media.

With a combined army of over 300,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, Gonzalez is swiftly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of social media stardom.

She might not have a flawless MMA record, having fought twice and tasted defeat both times during her UFC tenure, but when it comes to making waves online, she’s undefeated.

In a recent tweet that set Chicago abuzz, Gonzalez posted a picture of herself strutting her stuff on a rooftop in the Windy City, dressed in a sizzling pink two-piece outfit.

With the caption, “Honey… I’m home! 💋,” she brought some much-needed glamour to the city’s skyline. Move over, Chicago bean; there’s a new star in town!

But that’s not all that’s been catching the internet’s eye. Gonzalez recently went viral for a post-workout bathtub video that left fans wondering if their showers had ever been so cinematic. Who knew bathtubs could be so exciting, right?

And let’s not forget the moment she flaunted a tight blue sportswear ensemble during a workout, dancing her heart out in those short shorts.

It’s safe to say that Gonzalez’s fashion choices are as fierce as her fighting spirit.