Brilliant Pelicans Fan Sneaks Onto Court In Pelicans Gear, Warms Up, Shoots With The Team

Pelicans Fan Tony Roberts Court Takes Shots

Getty Image

Not all heroes wear capes. This has been proven time and time again over the years. For example, these four guys who snuck into the Super Bowl using a ladder. And these two ballsy bros who faked their own credentials and snuck into UFC 202.

Today we add Pelicans fan, and standup comedian Tony Roberts, to this illustrious list. Because prior to the Pelicans game versus the Clippers in New Orleans on Sunday night Roberts hopped onto the court during warmups wearing team gear, did a little stretching, and then even took a shot with the squad (because SOMEONE actually tossed him a ball — do the Pelicans not know the faces of their teammates?) before security decided it might be wise to escort him back to his seats.

Who knows, maybe the Pelicans could use him? I mean, DeMarcus Cousins is out for the season.


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