The Pelicans’ GM Is Reportedly Ignoring Calls From The Lakers With The Trade Deadline Looming

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The New Orleans Pelicans have something the Los Angeles Lakers and every other team in the league desperately want. And with the NBA trade deadline a week away, the organization doesn’t appear to be motivated to deal the face of its franchise for a bag of potato chips.

League sources have told ESPN that Pelicans general manager Dell Demps has yet to return a call to Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. With a full year left on Davis’ contract, the Pelicans aren’t in a rush and some strategic stubbornness could be beneficial for acquiring as many assets as possible for the three-time All-NBA first teamer.

The Pelicans could be prepared to lay an egg next season while effectively keeping Davis hostage until he hits free agency in 2020 and then see how alluring joining a 35-year-old LeBron James is. Cold, but acquiescing to trades without thoughtful consideration royally fucked franchises like the Brooklyn Nets, who in 2013 traded three first-round picks and the right to swap first rounders in 2017 for the ghosts of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry.

According to ESPN, Demps is picking up his phone and returning calls, just not from the Lakers. But, teams are reportedly learning that Davis’ stated intention would be to play one season elsewhere before joining the Lakers in free agency in 2020.

The Boston Celtics are hoping Davis will overcome his affixation with Los Angeles, as Danny Ainge has unabashedly urged New Orleans to hold onto Davis past the July 1 deadline so Boston can present its juicy trade assets in the offseason.

The problem with Davis in regards to Boston is that he is reportedly no longer sure Kyrie will re-sign with Boston in free agency, despite Kyrie telling Boston fans he has every intention on re-signing.

The NBA mega-star free agency narratives may be the juiciest drama in sports. INJECT IT IN MY VEINS!




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