People Are Mocking LeBron’s Self-Congratulating Instagram Post With Posts Of Their Own

Getty Image / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

I think I can speak for almost all of us when I say that LeBron James has accomplished more before he could legally drink alcohol than I’ll be able to all my life. Tonight, he is seven points away from joining only six other humans in NBA history to reach 30,000 career points. Astronomically impressive. But this begs the question: What would you personally have to accomplish in your life to pen a thank you letter to your former self about your current and future achievements? Cure cancer? Invent a better safe sex solution than strapping a balloon on your johnson?

The answer, if you’re not a psychopath, is nothing. There is no circumstance in which one would ever do such a thing. No one would ever do this.

Earlier today, I gave Bron Bron a pro-bono tutorial on how to properly humble brag to avoid the beatdown he’d receive on the internet for such a thing, but it looks like I was a hair too late. People have already began mocking LBJ with cartoonish self-congrulating Instagram posts of their own.

Strive for greatness, ya’ll.

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