Dozens Of People Shared The Stupidest Bets They Ever Made; These Are The Worst

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Listen, let he who has not made a really stupid bet at some point in their life cast the first stone. Unless you have never placed a bet or are some kind of wizard, we’ve all made dumb bets.

On the plus side, when we make really stupid bets and inevitably lose, at least we have a good story that we can tell for the rest of our life, so… totally worth it, right?

It is for the following 10 people who earned top marks in a Reddit thread which asked “What is the STUPIDEST wager you’ve ever placed?”

Honorable mention: “I once lost 800 bucks on division 2 norweigian soccer in the middle of a week day trying to make back the money I lost on Japanese baseball. I took a break after that.”

10. “Bet a 3 leg parlay with a free $200 from Bet365. 2 legs hit and I cashed out for $440. Saw the Lakers-Mavs game was on and about to end. Lakers up by 2 with 6 secs left…. I bet the the whole $440 on Lakers -450 to make some quick bucks. MAXI KLEBER GAME WINNER smh. I have a problem lmao.”

9. “Elise Mertans leading 2-1 in the second set up, 1 set to none, -1100 odds to win the match. Figured it’s was a free $300 dollars if I bet $3300. She proceeded to get destroyed from the very moment I placed the bet. I watched my money burn on unpredictable women’s tennis.”

8. “I bet the under in that Sac kings game earlier this year that ended up being like the second highest scoring game of all time. I even juiced the line to under 240. Ain’t no way it’s going over 240 I thought. Wellll I could have juiced to 340 and still lost.”

7. “Bet on the Thunder (+8? Idk) last year where they lost by 73.”

6. “Every time I bet Warriors on the road this season.”

5. “Adding Purdue ML on Friday to a big parlay to squeeze a tiny bit more profit (yes, the other legs hit).”

4. “When I was about 7 I got home from school and my dad is half asleep on the couch watching NASCAR which I loved at the time. He says, Ricky Rudd is going to win and I told him something along the lines of, “that’s stupid and you’re wrong”. He says he’ll bet me $5, he gets Ricky Rudd and I get the other 42 cars. Me being the savvy gambler I am realize what a golden opportunity to this is to make some cash and egg him on until we’ve raised the stakes to $50.

“What I didn’t realize was that the race had been run the day before. He was watching a replay while he napped and he already knew the result.”

3. “Couple days ago, I put $500 on no 16 seed will win a game at -1000.”

2. “It was Paleo Banchero o/.5 assist (-8,000) parlayed with Franz Wagner o/.5 rebounds (-8,000) for around -1900. Threw 2 grand on that m*********er. Franz didn’t get a single f*****g board. I got the slip if you guys don’t believe me.”

1. “I wanted to place a UFC bet on a dude. I saw the odds online and he was like -120 or something. When I went to place the bet on FanDuel the odds were +10,000. I figured it had to be a book mistake so without thinking I immediately put $100 on it before they could fix their error. I hadn’t realized the fight had already started so I turned on an online stream and proceeded to immediately see my guy getting his a** beat live the moment I turned it on LMAO.”

Read the rest of the really stupid bets (and there are a lot more) over at Reddit.

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