Draymond Green Tears Into Gamblers Who Harass Players Online After Losing A Bet

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green

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The rise of sports betting in the United States has been a very welcome change for fans who no longer have to rely on bookies and sketchy offshore websites if they want to get financially invested in the outcome of a game.

With that said, it’s been hard to ignore some of the issues that have arisen as gambling has become increasingly widespread—especially when it comes to bettors who have a very hard time losing with grace.

Athletes already had plenty of headaches to deal with on social media prior to the landmark Supreme Court ruling that ushered in a new era in 2018, but that decision meant many of them had to add “Dealing with fans who blame them for losing a bet” to an already lengthy list the toxic behaviors they’re subjected to.

Bo Horvat set a questionable precedent when he offered to compensate a fan who fell victim to his brainfart in a shootout last year. However, the vast majority of players (including Jordan Poole) are decidedly less generous when it comes to dealing with those grievances.

Draymond Green recently shared his thoughts on that particular issue during a segment on his podcast where he spit some pretty hard and cold facts while taking aim at the people who slide into his mentions after losing money due to a performance they perceive as lackluster.

Here’s what he had to say:

“People talk so crazy on social media when they bet, and they don’t successfully complete their bets.

It’s ‘Draymond, you suck. You only had seven points.’ But, it’s like, actually, you suck at betting, because just like I only had seven points and it was 7.5, you could have very well chose under 7.5 and you chose 7.5 over.

Does that make me dumb and sorry, or does that make you dumb and sorry at betting?

I think more so you should credit Vegas for putting the line right there and fault yourself because you chose the over…Regardless of what I score, you made that decision, so you’re actually bad at what you do.”


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