Peruvian Soccer Player Scores 70-Yard Goal, Goalie is Partially to Blame

Ol’¬†Carlos Lobaton here is a player in the Peruvian Primera Division. It’s a great league, as you well know. Who among us doesn’t have a Google alert for [Important Player] and [Other Important Player]?

Lobaton capitalized on an overaggressive goalkeeper to score a miraculous 70-yard goal. Perhaps you caught the highlight on one of the dozens of smart phone applications aimed at delivering up-to-the-minute Peruvian soccer news. If you haven’t, here it is:

He clearly takes Wayne Gretzky’s “give a shot” philosophy to heart.

The opposing team’s coach will likely have the scorched goalie in a tether before the next match. If he does, it will absolutely be covered in a future blog post because that would be pretty crazy — even by Peruvian Primera Division standards.

[Via ESPN]