Someone Drove An SUV On The Field At Petco Park And Started Doing Donuts (Video)

Someone Drove An SUV On The Field At Petco Park And Started Doing Donuts (Video)

Getty Image / Andy Hayt / San Diego Padres

  • A person was arrested on ‘suspicion of felony vandalism’ in San Diego over the weekend
  • The grounds crew made a citizens arrest after a driver brought his SUV onto the field at Petco Park and started doing donuts
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A man was arrested over the weekend in San Diego after driving his SUV onto the field at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, and doing donuts all over the infield. Footage of the incident went viral over the weekend with baseball fans stunned by the incident.

According to San Diego’s local news station, Fox 5 San Diego, the witnesses were stunned at first and assumed it was a member of the grounds crew. To be fair, that’s the exact response any normal person would have. Assuming that someone just rolled into the Petco Park in an SUV would be the last thing on any normal person’s mind until, of course, the driver started tearing up the field doing donuts.

While the driver was tearing up the infield, the grounds crew workers were able to block the driver’s exit using a forklift. They then made a citizen’s arrest until the police arrived. This footage below has been tweeted throughout the weekend with everyone stunned at how it could possibly happen.

Someone Drove An SUV On The Field At Petco Park And Started Doing Donuts

According to Fox 5 San Diego, there aren’t many details on who the driver was and how he was able to enter Petco Park in the SUV. Fan theories and reactions were all over the place after the footage went viral.

It seems lazy to joke that this was every fan’s dream, ripping it up on perfect terrain in an SUV. But that’s the sentiment shared but a lot of folks on social media, that this driver was ‘living the dream’ despite being arrested on “suspicion of felony vandalism.”

Fans React To SUV Doing Donuts On Baseball Field

Not everyone is made about the Petco Park footage…

My biggest takeaway here is Major League Baseball stadiums could probably charge wealthy fans a fortune to do this. There are people out there who would pay an arm and a leg for the chance to do this legally.