Pete Rose Goes Full-On Moron, Stars In A Terrible Gambling App Commercial

It seems like Pete Rose might be over the fact that MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred again upheld his lifetime ban from the game of baseball, if this 30-second advert is any indication.

MLB’s all-time hits leader has basically said “fuck the man” by starring in this new commercial for William Hill’s mobile gambling app. Probably doesn’t bode well for those Cooperstown aspirations, Pete…

Full retard with this one, man. But then again, even legitimately hard evidence indicating Rose did actually gamble from 1984-1986 doesn’t deter his Hall of Fame quest.

See, that’s the problem that Pete Rose has never been able to accept. It’s not that he did gamble, it’s that he gambled and everyone knows it and he still lies about it like a senile old man.

If the dude would’ve just fessed up awhile back instead of lying all these years, he’d probably be in Cooperstown by now. But no. He’s got too much pride for that. Pride enough to actually star in a commercial advocating gambling.

What an idiot.

[h/t Darren Rovell]