Peter Schrager Clarifies What He Meant About NFL GMs Being Annoyed With Howie Roseman

Eagles GM Howie Roseman

Getty Image / Patrick Smith

There were some recent reports about the Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman that went viral.

Rumors were that NFL GMs across the league were getting annoyed with Roseman. However, it appears Peter Schrager from Good Morning Football wants to clear the air.

This was the initial report that went viral, as it had fans across the country talking about the Eagles and Howie Roseman.

Several days later, Schrager clarified what he meant. As it turns out, teams are simply annoyed with how much love the media gives the Eagles in general, not strictly Howie Roseman.

Either way, it appears opposing teams are growing tired of the Eagles. If that’s the case, maybe they shouldn’t let Roseman make moves like he’s playing Franchise Mode in Madden.

At the end of the day, that’s why Philadelphia receives so much love from the media and fans. They consistently make moves that put themselves ahead of everyone else.

Additionally, he’s done so well as a general manager that the Eagles are very clearly the favorite in the NFC. How could they not?

Perhaps trades will start slowing down for Philadelphia though. Especially if the reports are true about teams being annoyed with the Eagles and Howie Roseman’s decisions.