PGA Tour Player Makes Miraculous Birdie After Driver Snaps While Teeing Off

PGA Tour golfer Tyler Duncan

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Modern golf equipment is designed to withstand some pretty impressive forces thanks in no small part to the players who’ve forced the organizations that govern the sport to float a proposal designed to cut back on how far a golf ball can travel.

Rory McIlroy may have recently come out in support of that plan, although you have to wonder if he’ll actually follow through on his promise to use a reduced-distance ball even its not officially adopted by the PGA Tour based on how he capped off his round at the WGC Match Play tournament on Thursday.

That event may be the main attraction on the golf calendar this week, but a number of PGA Tour players have also gathered in the Dominican Republic to take part in The Corales Championship.

That includes Tyler Duncan, who isn’t exactly known for his power off of the tee but still appeared to be able to generate a significant amount of force with his swing thanks to what transpired on Friday.

Duncan posted a one-under 71 on Thursday but surged up the leaderboard over the course of a second round where he finished six strokes under par thanks to the eight birdies he jotted down on his scorecard.

That includes the one he seemingly had no business recording based on what unfolded on the 15th hole, as he suffered a bit of a setback when the head of his driver snapped off during his tee shot (although the ball still managed to land in the middle of the fairway).

Duncan seemed relatively unphased by that development, as his approach landed about 10 feet away from the pin before he successfully sunk his third shot for a birdie on the hole.

He would go on to record a par on the final two holes and is currently sitting in a tie for third place as he gears up for the weekend.

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