Phil Jackson Got Obliterated By The Internet For Tweeting A Photo Of Himself Chilling By A Lake

by 9 months ago
phil jackson tweet photo lake reactions

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After fleecing the New York Knicks out of somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million (or about $50,000 a day) reactions to Phil Jackson being fired were filled with both joy and anger. Perhaps it had something to do with the Knicks getting a 90-171 (.344) record for their $60 million (or $666,666 per win). Maybe.

So when Jackson tweeted a photo of himself living his best life just chilling while overlooking a beautiful lake the internet was not the least bit happy about it.

In fact, some, like Black Sports Online, even went so far as to suggest that Jackson may have Costanzaed the Knicks.

It’s actually a pretty solid theory when you think about it. How else does one explain Jackson’s complete ineptitude after winning so many titles for the Bulls and Lakers?

Anyway, as I mentioned, reactions to Jackson living so well and sharing that fact on social media did not go over well with Knicks fans, among others. Some highlights…

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