Phil Mickelson Trashes The PGA Tour’s Quality Of Play Then Torches His Critics

Phil Mickelson

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The feisty Phil Mickelson that golfers fell in love with is back, in a sense.

Lefty got a lot of PGA Tour fans riled up on social media. It came after he slid into former NFL running back/current successful golfer Danny Woodhead’s mentions.

Woodhead shared a tweet about how a PGA Tour vs LIV Golf Tour event in the style of the Ryder Cup would bring in the highest TV ratings in golf history. Phil Mickelson saw it as a chance to trash the quality of play on the PGA Tour.

That was enough to get golf fans on Twitter whipped into a frenzy.

Phil Mickelson Trashes PGA Tour’s Quality Of Play, Torches His Critics

Once Lefty saw the chance to troll some uptight golf fans he seized the day. Mickelson started replying to everyone in his mentions.

I had to look up ‘Aureus collar’ and I’m still not sure what he’s talking about. It appears to be some sort of obscure jewelry.

Really, Phil? The best you’ve got is ma’am?

Some of these replies from Phil Mickelson feel like they were written by a child.

Why be the guy who tags all the competition?

I won’t act like I know what Phil’s intent with this tweet is. But the optics of it aren’t great.

Phil Mickelson tweets about Tiger Woods

He’ll give it the ol’ college try:

I actually learned something today. Had to look up ‘coulrophobia’ which means ‘a fear of clowns.’

Phil’s got bald jokes and he’s not afraid to use them:

Mickelson was always my favorite golfer behind Tiger Woods. Leaving for LIV Golf didn’t really change my perception of him. It’s more that his talent has fallen off and he’s just not fun to watch anymore.

Mickelson is +11 during his career on the LIV Golf Tour, so far. He did improve as the season progressed though.

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