Eagles Fan Caught Yelling Obscenities At Referees In All-Time Philly Moment (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Angry Viral


  • When it comes to fandom, very few groups are more passionate than those in Philly.
  • One lady on Sunday will forever live in history as being one of the best.
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Philadelphia Eagles fans are notorious for their fervor— to put it nicely. When things are not going their way, those passionate about the City of Brotherly Love’s football team get angry. Very angry.

One time, in 1968, Eagles fans even pelted snowballs at a man dressed as Santa Claus. True story. They show no remorse.

Well, during Sunday’s game against New Orleans, one Philadelphia faithful was not pleased with the officiating. Her team ended up winning, but her reaction to a penalty in the fourth quarter was the real takeaway from the game.

With the Eagles up by 11, the Saints took over after a punt with just under 11 minutes left in the game. On 1st-and-10, New Orleans quarterback Trevor Siemian dropped back to pass.

He looked deep to his right and tried to connect with Marquez Callaway, but was unable to complete the pass with a defender closing in. On the play, defensive tackle Javon Hargrave came storming up the middle and clobbered Siemian as he released the throw.

As a result of what was seemingly a bang-bang play, Hargrave was flagged for roughing the passer.

The hit probably could have gone either way, and I would tend to lean on the side of a clean play. However, the NFL is emphasizing protection of the quarterback and it was called a penalty.

This lady did not agree. In fact, she thought that the call was “f**king bulls*t.”

I have no idea who this lady is, but she has forever enshrined herself in the Philadelphia Fandom Hall of Fame.