If You Place Your Order At This Restaurant In Macho Man’s Voice You Get 10% Off, Because ‘Oh Yeeeeeeeah’

Place your order in Macho Man's voice


Somewhere in Burbank, California is a restaurant called “Not A Burger Stand,” an establishment that is offering a 10% discount if you order your meal, or drink, in Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s signature growl. Should you choose to bodyslam a friend — preferably a coworker — you and your flattened compadre will both eat for free.

My god, that’s one hell of a deal and a genius way of drawing people through the door. I’d like to imagine that everyone who enters this restaurant is cutting dramatic Macho Man promos while ordering nachos, and most certainly carrying around creamers as a way of signifying their place at the very top, of the cream of the crop.

“Nothing means nothing.” Unreal. We miss you each and every day, Randy.

How Mean Gene managed to keep a straight face for so many years is honestly dumbfounding and worthy of every award in the world. And when I say every award in the world, that absolutely includes a Teen Choice surfboard.

NOTE: This is not the first time they’ve gone the fun promotion route.

Not A Burger Stand Chunk Goonies promotion

Something tells me this won’t be the last one involving a dead professional wrestler, either.

Not a Burger Stand Andre the Giant

[H/T @DarrenRovell, @cannonjw]

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