High School Football Player Tackles His Own Teammate As He Was Running Interception Back The Wrong Way

High School Football Player Tackles Teammate Running Interception Wrong Way


Have you ever been so excited by succeeding at something that you kind of lost track of where you were and what you were doing at that moment? Because that’s basically what happened this past weekend to a high school football player from Fairfield High School in California when he intercepted a pass and took off running… the wrong way.

During Friday’s high school football game between Fairfield and Rodriguez, a Fairfield defender made a sweet interception and thought he was going to turn it into an even better pick six. The reason, however, that the field was so wide open in front of him was because he was running towards his own end zone about to turn that pick six into a safety for Rodriguez.

At least that was the case until his teammate Kha’Ron Thrower realized what was happening and sprinted a good 50 yards to tackle the runaway interceptor around the 10-yard line, saving the day.

According to Thrower, the player who picked off the pass was indeed so excited at his great play, his first career interception, that he just got turned around and didn’t realize what he was doing.

Unfortunately, the interception, and Thrower’s amazing tackle, weren’t enough as Fairfield ended up losing the game 14-7, falling to 0-7 on the year.

Oh well, at least they’ll have a memory from the season that will last a lifetime.

Even Deion Sanders took notice…