New Poll Has Officially Determined The World’s 20 Weirdest Sports — How Many Would You Play?

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Poll Worlds 20 Weirdest Sports

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Pumpkin kayaking has been voted the world’s weirdest sport. The bizarre event which is most likely to be seen in Nova Scotia involves hollowing out a giant pumpkin to use as a raft to paddle across a lake in a race against the clock.

The self explanatory mud-pit belly flopping – which is a much-loved sport in Athens, Texas – was second in the poll with underwater hockey taking third place.

Other weird sports to make the top ten include bog snorkeling which is practiced in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales, extreme ironing, and professional gurning.

Chess boxing which combines the mental dexterity of chess with the physical test of boxing with alternate rounds of each sport to create a bizarre hybrid sport also made the list.

Greg Tatton-Brown from Online Casino, who carried out the study to launch their Play Absurd campaign, said, “We’ve made it our mission to uncover the country’s most absurd games and celebrate the people who play them.”

The study also found one-third of those polled are grossed out by the thought of bog snorkeling – which requires the competitor to don their snorkel and flippers and swim down a watery trench cut through a peat bog.

Underwater hockey, also known as Octopush, was considered the most dangerous of the absurd sports in the countdown. It involves two teams battling it out to maneuver a hockey puck into their opponent’s goal – along the bottom of a full swimming pool.

While a number of the sports appear self-explanatory from their names, others stumped some folks with their unusual rules and equipment.

Outhouse racing, which came eleventh in the countdown, requires teams of three to race their decorated toilet down a Virginia City street to reach a toilet paper finish line before their opponent.

Kabaddi, which came twelfth in the list of most unusual sports, was founded in India, and is a game of tag where 14 players must hold their breath and tag out the rest of the participants before they have to breathe.

Fifty-three percent were able to identify the sport of “wife carrying” by a description of its objective, which challenges contestants to carry their spouse through a series of increasingly difficult obstacles.

Bossaball proved even more baffling, with only 17 percent of those surveyed able to identify the sport, which has an inflatable court and use of trampolines to score points against your opponent.

Over two-thirds of those surveyed had no idea what you would use a braffin for, and only five percent linked the piece of apparatus to gurning, where participants are required to wear the item around their necks while contorting their face to its limits.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, only 58 have placed themselves inside a giant inflatable hamster ball to go Zorbing, and just 17 have attempted Harry Potter’s favorite Hogwarts pastime Quidditch, though their feet and broomsticks remained firmly on the ground.

However, enthusiasm for more absurd activities is growing. Ten percent of respondents said they would like to try their hand at egg-throwing, which originates in Swaton, Lincolnshire, and dates back to 1332. And half of those surveyed would happily go along to watch one of these weird sports if a tournament was held nearby.

One in ten would also like to go watch a dog surfing contest and would be intrigued to see what a mud-pit bellyflop involves.

Casumo’s Greg Tatton-Brown added, “Over the course of the next four months we’ll take you on an episodic tour of the UK and show you just how wonderful some of these pastimes can be when people #PlayAbsurd.

“In our first set of videos we’ve sent internet funnyman Anto Sharp to Wales, to take part in a bog snorkelling contest to see how he gets on.”

1. Giant pumpkin kayaking
2. Mud-pit bellow flop
3. Bog snorkelling
4. Extreme ironing
5. Professional gurning
6. Dog surfing
7. Football zorbing
8. Wife carrying
9. Chess boxing
10. Underwater hockey
11. Outhouse racing
12. Kabaddi
13. Bossaball
14. Cheese rolling
15. Quidditch
16. Unicycle polo
17. Parkour
18. Egg throwing
19. Pillow fighting
20. Wheelchair rugby

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