POV Look At A Major League Curveball From The Umpire’s Perspective

POV Major League Curveball

Pixabay / Keith Johnston

  • This POV footage shows what a Major League curveball really looks like if you’re standing behind the plate
  • It’s remarkable how much the ball moves from the point of release and
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The bullpen setup is one of the key features of Camden Yards in Baltimore that makes it one of my favorite ballparks in America. You can kind of mirror the perspective in the video below if you play your cards right.

When I was living in NYC, I’d make it down to Camden Yards for at least one series a year when the Rays would come to Baltimore. Tickets are super cheap and you used to be able to bring your own snacks in, I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

But the ballpark is almost never sold out or even slightly busy, so you can buy a ticket for pretty much anywhere and then make your way to the outfield at some point and sit behind the bullpen where you’ll get this perspective. And if you’re lucky, the bullpen catcher will toss you a baseball for hanging out back there.

Here, the camera is set up just behind the catcher, and the footage is spliced up to show Yu Darvish and his nasty curveball:

Seeing it from this perspective I’m confident that I would fall out of the box on every single pitch. Never mind how intimidating a Major League fastball is, the movement on these Major League Curveballs would have me falling back and onto my butt 100 out of 100 times.

The thought of ever successfully swinging the bat and connecting with the ball on a pitch like that breaks my brain. I’m simply not capable of it.

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