How Many Balls Would It Take For A Golf Pro To Make A Hole-In-One? This Pro Gets 500 Chances To Dunk One

The odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one are somewhere around 100,000-to-1. For me or you, getting to write a ‘1’ on the scorecard isn’t a realistic goal with odds like that but golf’s a game that always keeps you coming back as you inch closer to the pin with approach shots that leave you dreaming about hitting a hole-in-one.

For a professional, the odds of hitting a hole-in-one are said to be around 2,500-to-1 which isn’t all that crazy when you factor him how much golf these professionals play. Let’s assume they average 7 rounds a week (give or take) with a minimum of 4 par-3’s per round. That’s an average of 28 shots per week to hit a hole-in-one which means they should be hitting an ace somewhere around once every 89 weeks or more than once every two years…My math could always be way off here but I think it checks out.

So if we assume the odds of a pro golfer hitting an ace are 2,500-to-1, what would happen if they were given 500 chances to hit a hole-in-one? Previously, European Tour pro Brandon Stone was given 500 golf balls to try and hit an ace. You can check out his results here. The European Tour is back with another hole-in-one test and this time they’ve given European pro Andy Sullivan of England 500 swings to try and hit a hole-in-one. Spoiler: he doesn’t need all 500 to hit a perfect shot.

Part of me wants to say that this test is flawed because they are given 500 chances to hit a hole-in-one on the same hole by crafting the same shot. These are guys who make millions of dollars every year by teaching their bodies perfect repetition. So it makes sense that they’d get closer and closer to the pin with every shot.

But the thing about this test is we want to see them drain a hole-in-one so keeping the conditions the same is ideal. For me, I’d take 500 swings and probably peak at swing 75 or 100 and get consistently worse from there. I’m even a member at a local golf club, play regularly, and there’s still no shot in hell that I’d complete this challenge if I attempted it every day for the next month.