Two Professional Poker Players Beat The Trash Out Of Each Other In An MMA Fight For $100K


Poker News

Six months ago, poker pro Olivier Busquet took to Twitter and challenged anyone in the poker world to fight him in an MMA match for the prize of a $100,000. Why a professional poker player felt he needed to fight one of his peers remains unclear. However, it’s likely there is a deep-seated dick-related reason in there somewhere.

Someone took Busquet’s bait. That someone was JC Alvarado and after six months of training to fight Busquet, he was awarded with having his face beaten to a bloody fucking pulp. Alvarado managed to hold his own in the beginning, but when Busquet got him on the ground in the third round, he rained fists on Alvardo’s exposed face and the result was blood. EVERYWHERE.

The bout ended when Alvarado’s corner conceded the fight before the 4th round (probably a good idea since he was getting beat into the afterlife) and Busquet was credited for a victory via technical knockout.

[H/T Poker News]

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