Raiders Might Be Playing Mind Games After Revealing Why They Won’t Free Derek Carr

Raiders QB Derek Carr

Getty Image / Jeff Bottari

It’s no secret the Las Vegas Raiders are moving on from Derek Carr. However, the franchise hasn’t given him permission to seek a trade.

Now, we finally know why and the front office might be playing mind games.

According to Albert Breer and shared by Dov Kleiman, the Raiders won’t give Carr freedom to seek a trade as they don’t want him to know what NFL teams might be willing to pay him in case they have to cut him.

Essentially, Las Vegas is worried that Carr would utilize his no-trade clause if he knows how much he could get in a new contract if he ends up getting cut.

The one-time friendly relationship between Derek Carr and the Raiders is turning into a messy situation.

February 15 is a crucial date to keep an eye on. That’s when the Raiders are due to pay Carr $40.4 million in guaranteed money. His refusal to extend that trigger date puts Las Vegas in a tricky spot.

They essentially have until that date to trade him. Otherwise, the Raiders will owe Carr all of that money. If a trade cannot be reached, it’s already speculated he could be cut.

We’ll see how it plays out, but for now, neither side is giving in and it’s creating quite a bit of drama in Las Vegas.