Little Raiders Fan Picks Fight With Giant Raiders Fan, Gets KNOCKED THE F OUT By Third Raiders Fan


YouTube - 4 Ben Media

This, right here, is currently the leader in the clubhouse for most bizarre NFL fan fight video of the year.

For some reason (alcohol would be my guess), a little dude in a Derek Carr jersey decided to try some weird karate moves on a guy in a Khalil Mack jersey who was about twice his size.

Little dude flicks the sunglasses off bigger dude, who up until that point didn’t seem all that interested in fighting, but at that point it was most definitely on.

Giant dude then throws a left that grazes little dude, knocking him off balance, which is when bigger dude decides to load up the big right for the decisive blow.

Fortunately for little dude he survived the big right only to be immediately felled by a random sucker punch from a medium-sized dude in a Charles Woodson jersey.

By the time little dude is able to gather his wits medium-sized dude has fled the scene and thus ends yet another glorious Raiders fan fight.

H/T SportsGrid

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