Raiders Fans Crush Jon Gruden For Playing It Safe For A Field Goal And Not Trying To Score TD Late In Game

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The Las Vegas Raiders have officially been eliminated from the playoffs after losing to the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night and Raiders fans aren’t happy with Jon Gruden’s strategy at the end of the game.

While down two points with over a minute left to go in the game, the Raiders deliberately tried not to score a touchdown in an effort to let the play clock run down so that they could kick a field goal to take the lead.

Here is Raiders running back Josh Jacobs sliding before scoring a touchdown.

And the Raiders taking a knee to set up the field goal.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, Dolphins QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was able to convert a wild deep pass with 20 seconds left that put the Dolphins in field goal position to win the game.

Raiders fans blasted head coach Jon Gruden for being conservative at the end of the game.